About Old Time Bakery Bread

The Ancient Phoenicians in the Middle East were the first to make Tannour Bread. Traditional Tannour Bread was prepared by making a fire in the ground and cooking the dough.

In 2001 we started with one bread type, but since then we expanded our product range to supply several specialty breads both across Australia and internationally. Our breads are recommended for diabetics and people with heart and abdominal problems. Our breads also supply a high level of energy to the bones.

Our recent invention of the Tannour Automatic Machine has made the process of preparing tannour bread faster and more efficient. We also have a patent trademark on our machine.

We love making Tannour bread as much as we hope you enjoy eating it. Over the years we have worked hard to improve and refine the processes involved in delivering premium quality Tannour bread products to meet special dietary requirements.

Today our gluten free wraps and gluten free pizza bases are so popular that they sell to people without dietary restrictions as much as to those that do!

We are also proud to say Old Time Bakery Pty Ltd is one of the first Australian bakeries to produce and supply a Gluten Free and Organic Gluten Free Flat Bread.

Supplying Premium Gluten Free Products

Today we supply our products Australia wide and internationally to stores such as Woolworths, local boutique food stores and specialty outlets. Old Time Bakery is committed to producing the finest wholesome and Gluten free wraps and pizza bases - our customers will testify to that.

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"Old Time Bakery bread is in our shopping basket every week. The pizza bases are the best we've found."

"Having a big appetite & Gluten problems is so annoying. These wraps mean I don't miss out though!"

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