Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. This is why we have taken the time to disclose our information collection practices.
Please take the time to review this page.

This privacy statement applies to the website of:

Old Time Bakery

Of the information we do collect, we allow our visitors the following access to the information:

Access is given to your Old Time Bakery account information. (For example, you can access things such as your delivery address, previous orders etc).

Our business will act immediately on privacy issues. You can find various methods of contacting us at:

Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a reply.

Collecting information provides specific benefits to our website visitors:

There are 3 reasons why and types of information collected on our web site:

  • To allow you to create and maintain an account with us. Your name, contact information and address book are examples of this information.
  • To allow you to register for our email newsletters. You must opt-in or register to receive newsletters and you have complete control over maintaining or deleting your subscription.
  • So we can collect passive, non-identifiable information about user habits on our web site. This includes web site statistics and general information about how our site is used so we can better develop the site.

NOTE: We don’t store your credit card details on our site.

We collect information for the following purpose(s):

  • Completing or supporting an activity.
  • Website and system administration.
  • Research and development.
  • Tailoring the website for its visitors.
  • Building records of visitors without linking identifying information to the records for the purpose of research, analysis and reporting.
  • Contacting our visitors (except via telephone) for promotion of the site or products.
  • If you opt-in we will send you email newsletters.
  • To meet legal obligations to various government departments and financial institutions.

Who has access to the information we collect?

  • Ourselves and/or our agents which utilise the information only for the purpose given.

How long is information kept?

Information is retained to meet a stated purpose, but the retention period is longer because of a legal requirement or liability.

If you believe that our website has collected incorrect information or if you would like to dispute any information, please contact us.